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The official NFL thread


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Mad respect to Vikings, Cowboys, Ravens, Broncos and sigh...Jets.

I consider Fins tier 2 but mostly cause they got Tua at 5. Though i do really like Noah I, Hunt and Weaver. Its hard to be sexy addressing the online and moreover investing in the oline, which they did


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The cowboys keep on hitting home runs this off season.
we now have the 2nb best back up QB in the league after the Saints.


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Scary shit

Theisman and Alex Smith both broke their legs on November 18

Both played for the Redskins

Both on the 39 yard line

Both games had a final score of 23-21

Both were nailed by a 3 time DPOTY ( Lawrence Taylor and JJ Watt)

Both pro bowl LT left with injuries ( Joe Jacoby and Trent Williams )