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2024 Draft

But winning this way is unsustainable.
that may be

I know this much though this is likely the last year that fans will willingly accept shit product on the ice, there has to be marked improvement next year or else the heat will turn up on Hughes.

As the old saying goes, after 5 years as GM if you have the best prospect pool, you get fired
The loss of Dach leaves an enormous hole in the lineup and lack of size up front.

Yeah. It’s shifted half the forwards into roles they can’t handle. At least Dvorak’s return has put Newhook in somewhat a better spot.

But Dach’s injury is fundamental, especially on a fragile team with limited talent.
I think at some point Suzuki and Caufield get super hot. Also Anderson should start scoring at some point. We may not follow our usual start hot then fade.
I figured we’d finished around 75-80 points, sounds like we’re about on the pace, which should put us bottom 3 in the East.
The 2023 top 3 are having a nice season so far....Bedard, Carlsson, Fantilli....we should be on track to pick around #10 in the Eiserman draft
He was kinda mediocre at the WJHC last year until Beck seemed to wake him up. I recall that very (paraphrased) observation by one of the TSN talking heads.
Wouldn't it be funny if Reinbacher had a better career than a couple of players selected before him?