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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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He started on the third line yesterday I think I saw but by the looks of things, he'll be making his way up.

Mike Koster was on their top pairing looks like.


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Betcha Knies outscores Abbruzzese this year.

I've never understood the love to the the I-Tie tbh. He's a pass first skill midget with good but not great skating (those guys need to be able to fly) who was meh in the USHL until his 19 yr old season (which in fairness, he won the scoring title in). and had a good 20 yr old freshman season (so 1-2 years older than most freshman). Already 22 yrs old (2 months younger than Lilly, over a year older than Sandin).

Knies might not outscore him this year, but I'll take a PPG+ 19 yr old freshman season over a 1.5ppg from a 22 yr old. He's nice to have as a depth prospect but I'm not high on him and won't be until I see him doing something noteworthy in the AHL. His path has just been too 'easy'. Overage breakout in a soft junior league, go to the weakest of the NCAA conferences and dominate there. Maybe his IQ is high enough that is just keeps carrying him to the league, I'm concerned about his lack of high end foot speed though.


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Fwiw, I've got Knies 5th on my list. Niemela has had a filthy start to the season. 9 points in 11 games for a 19 yr old right handed defender in Liiga is fucking legit.


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I'm not sure I like Amirov all that much quite frankly. Seems to have middle sixer ceiling. Knies could easily surpass him this year if he performs like I think he can. At the very least his ceiling has to be higher, even if his floor is lower (just due to more uncertainty of who he is).

Always been big on Niemela too. Dude is awesome.