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OT: Movies/TV Shows


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I stealthily finished S1 of The Boys and started S2. I’m not really blown away like you guys are. I think it’s entertaining but not must see tv or anything.


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Prey was just okay.

it's actually sort of a tragedy in which the antagonist, who was obviously a dull and low achieving member of the Yautja tribe back home, is given a nice easy backward world to cut his teeth on.

but we see that no matter how cloaked you are or how fancy your laser targeting bolt throwers are (notice, they didn't trust this guy with the standard issue shoulder blaster), in the end being stupid careless and incompetent will always get you.

because of course, there is no other possible way an invisible creature with literal arm swords, strong and swift enough to kill a large grizzly with a single punch and then bench press it with little apparent effort, could lose in melee combat to a couple of comparative child size weak creatures with tiny sticks and primitive bows, right?



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Binged season 1 and 2 of Hacks. It's quite good, surprised it's not getting more love.

I liked season 1 but like I often do, I have a hard time committing to spending another 10 hours with characters that are not elite (my leisure time is like NHL cap space — well guarded)

TL:DR it’s no Succession!!!