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OT: The M-Fing Food Thread

Chip-thin tater slices roasted in ample olive oil and garlic until the underside starts getting crunchy, then covered with white fish to finish off. Ligurian method. Washed down with NZ Sauvignon Blanc.

Kiddo has hockey tomorrow, so it’s a stew in the crock pot. h/t Carl Weathers.
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Only ever made pulled pork on the smoker.
Few weeks ago I did a low temp bake (300 degrees) with the pork shoulder braised in your typical spices and.. (my first time using) beer. First time I’ve actually braised a shoulder and it turned out amazing. I totally copped out and used a store bought bbq sauce (yea boo me)
So next weekend I hope I have time to try something different.
We have a local micro brewery that does a peanut butter stout. I want to braise the shoulder in that. I want to make my own bbq sauce. Any ideas would be welcomed.