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OT: The News Thread

I think with Brand specifically and with some of the others you’ve mentioned, they’re just soulless grifters who don’t really believe in anything aside from what’s in their own best interest.

Oh 100%…which isn’t even that uncommon, lots of people sell out for things that mean nothing to them, but for these folks it’s their willingness to traffic in something so clearly damaging to the fabric of society in the macro….and peoples health/lives in the micro…..solely for their own benefit.

It’s Richard Sackler-esque.

and then on top of that, all these people already had some level of success, this isn’t some jobless southerner who started a pro-Trump YT show who needs the money & believes in Trump….these are people already plenty successful & wealthy who decide to sell their souls for just a bit more attention/wealth.

Like with Brand—he was your bog standard Hollywood progressive when he was trying to be a film star. But I’m pretty sure his switch to right-wing freedom fighter coincided with “Me Too” becoming a thing.

pretty sure he was actually pro-MeToo in the moment….
But speaking in the frank interview this weekend, he praised the #MeToo movement, adding: 'No [I don't regret my past]. I just feel it [the movement] is a really positive change. It's a sign of real awakening'.

And talking about his own shift in attitude towards sex and marriage, he added: 'When I think 'oh that person is attractive', the next thought is 'yes but if you ever did anything, you realise it would destroy your whole life'. There's that voice in my head now'.

I think it was specifically Covid & maybe lockdowns/masks?…..or when the Vax rolled out, that he kinda went Alex Jones-lite.

maybe it did predate all that tho, either way he did do a complete about face at one point, and the change in his viewership was quite drastic….I genuinely think we could probably go back and pinpoint the exact moment & videos where the change happens, based off viewership numbers.

Brett Weinstein the same….Jordan Peterson is a shadow of the person he used to be when he first appeared on Rogan, as I remember having to argue with friends quite vociferously that he was soft peddling hard right quasi-fundamentalist views in all his rhetoric…..then over time he just became more and more brazen with his ignorant views.

(I also think when he was put into a coma in Germany, he suffered some not insignificant brain damage, that altered his cognition & ability to maintain control over his emotions……but that’s my own personal pet conspiracy theory.)
speaking of which i'm not sure we've seen Jer since i sent him into that Selena Gomez fapshame cycle. hope he's ok.