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OT: The News Thread


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It was still kind of cool 15 years ago when I first heard of it via a good friend who attended....but since then it slowly got invaded by tech bros and girls trying to reclaim their street cred/artistic side with the promise of lots of drugs and sex
I've never known or heard of anyone (anyone male, anyway) who's primary reason for going to a 2 or 3 day outdoor music festival was something other than the sex and the drugs.

Watch the documentary about the last Woodstock reboot. Sexual assault and rape everywhere. Overdoses everywhere.

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All such festivals inevitably become this. Look at the two Woodstock reboots, especially the last one which devolved into Lord of the Flies by the end of the first day. And these reboots are also inevitably just corporate wank-fests. It's just an opportunity for grifters to make money. I doubt that the people who went to the original Woodstock would have wanted to go if it was The Woodstock Festival, brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. But someone who was a hippie at the original is probably the same boomer scumbag who now drives a Benz and would totally be promoting Woodstock 2023 if they thought there was money to be made off it.
to summarize, yes, capitalism is evil :(


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Woodstock was always a cesspool



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Rape, drugs, and feces were always a major part of Woodstock. That bit hasn't changed folks. In fact the rape bit has improved.