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OT: World Politics

Like…I get that Vlad is a blatant shameless liar with his own twisted version of history. But this one is a doozie even for him.

I guess with the Soviet Union, the shield that he’d hide behind is that it wasn’t a Russian imperial project. It was a voluntary union of brotherly socialist nations who were all equal! Until the scourge of Nazism, nationalism and the treacherous West all schemed to break it up.

But I can’t even imagine what wild explanation he’d come up with for how Tsarist Russia wasn’t a colonizer.
It’s impressive mental gymnastics.

Also wants to believe he avoided intervening in the war by stopping Ukraine’s attack on the Russian fleet. Without realizing that he DID still intervene—only on Russia’s behalf.
Like the old NHL referee's excuse that to call a penalty in overtime is "deciding the outcome of the game" but making the decision to not call an obvious infraction somehow doesn't decide the outcome every bit as much.