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Well, this is....different - Site Issues

I got one about Stephen Harper. Good times.
I haven't been getting pop-ups, but I've been getting Harper ads for weeks. finally clicked thru to see what it was for and it linked me to a clearly BS, faux-CNN style story about cryptocurrency (scams)
Well shit I think I found the problem. When doing all the UK EU cap required for advertising (which I care nothing about) it seems they started another of their “experiments” to boost revenue. I’ve just disabled it and hopefully that is all it is. There will be an update coming to fix embedding and other minor issues so I’ll add this to the list. Google’s done this before. Unilaterally run these experiments to make more money. Problems started a couple of days ago I assume?

it seems to most often occur as a on-screen pop-up when I navigate to FI from another site. once I'm on here, I don't get many. happens both on chrome on my laptop and on chrome on my phone.