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Well, this is....different - Site Issues

I was having that issue in Toronto. If I was on WIFI, it would load, but then outside it would also show that message about the site being unavailable.
Yeah, I'm getting the same too. Hotel wifi everything broken, but cell service it works. Usually this is when things move, some dns servers just seem to fail to update.
I’ve been having the same problem as well. Usually if I try again in a couple of minutes ther link works.
So it is a DNS issue and that has been updated but could take 3-5 days depending on isp. Using Wayward's hack would speed that up
I didn’t find out about it until after too many were affected. Please let me know should anyone have issues with connecting to the site.
not a major issue, just a weird one. When we first started using embedded tweets in threads, the pics were slightly larger than they appear on Twitter, and it worked great.

Lately, it seems to cut off like 20% of the image, sometimes on the top, bottom, or even left. So often you can see a pic or meme on Twitter that is useless if an important section of the image gets cut off. Again not that important but i wonder if it's something to do with the forum theme, or if there's an easy fix.